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Legal Information

Dmatic Solutions Terms of Service (ToS) outline an agreement between the company
and users accessing its website and services. Key points include:

I. Registration:

Users must provide accurate information during registration.

Usage of free credits is subject to ToS and other Service Agreements.

II. Usage – General Conditions of Service:

General Terms:

Services are limited to India territory and recipients in India.

Dmatic Solutions may deactivate accounts, suspend access, or remove content at its discretion.

Dmatic Solutions is a facilitator and not liable for user content.

Dmatic Solutions may refuse or terminate services without notice.

Users are responsible for compliance with laws, including TRAI Regulations..

Users must defend, indemnify, and hold Dmatic Solutions harmless for any violations.

Users must not misuse services, infringe rights, or violate laws.

Dmatic Solutions disclaims warranties and is not responsible for any harm resulting from service use.

Dmatic Solutions may modify services without notice.


Users are responsible for content uploaded on the site.

Dmatic Solutions may edit or remove content violating ToS.

Users must own or have the right to use the content they upload.

Dmatic Solutions is not liable for ownership disputes or other claims related to user content.

This summary provides an overview, and users are advised to read the full Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive understanding.

This summary provides an overview, and users are advised to read the full Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive understanding.

Payment Terms:

The user agrees to be charged by Dmatic Solutions for services as determined by the company. Dmatic Solutions holds the right to change Consideration without justification. Payment should be made in advance using Credit Card, net banking, or offline modes. No refunds will be issued, except as specified. Commercials are subject to change and will be communicated to users.


Credits refer to one standard SMS of 160 characters. Unicode messages have a standard length of 63 characters. Bought credits are non-refundable. Upon account closure by the user or Dmatic Solutions, credits expire. Credits cannot be transferred between users. Dmatic Solutions may refuse or cancel credit sales, withhold credits, and alter terms without notice. Misuse of services may result in withholding or confiscation of credits.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

The agreement is governed by Indian law, and disputes are subject to Ahmedabad, Gujarat courts.


If any provision is deemed illegal, the rest remains valid. The agreement supersedes all previous agreements. Dmatic Solutions is not liable for user representations. The company complies with laws and may disclose information as required. Services are provided on a best-effort basis. Service numbers may be discontinued, with Dmatic Solutions making efforts to provide alternatives. Promotional campaigns have additional conditions, and users must comply with TRAI regulations. Liability for Dmatic Solutions is limited to the commission payable. Users have a fair use limit of 100 SMS per day via Email2SMS.


Users of API services acknowledge no ownership of the APIs. Users are not permitted to facilitate API use by others or develop products or services using APIs without written consent. Users are solely liable for any misuse of APIs. Users must defend and indemnify Dmatic Solutions against losses due to API misuse.

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